A list of the top films in cinemas this weekend includes the Coen Brothers’ The Butler, which is playing in 3D at the Odeon cinema in London; the David Lynch-directed documentary The Blue Lagoon, which will open in select cinemas across the UK on Friday; and the thriller The Moth, starring Matt Damon.

But this weekend the big news is that a number of classic movies have finally opened in theatres, including the cult classic The Wizard of Oz, a film that became a cult classic because of its near-perfect pacing and incredible acting, and the underrated classic The Lion King.

The latter will open at a theater in Birmingham, Alabama, on Friday.

The Lion Guard, which has been released in the U.S. on DVD and Blu-ray, will play in Los Angeles, and Universal Pictures will release The Lion Emperor in the Philippines.

The best films of the weekend are as follows: The Mummy at 3D and 3DMAX.

The Mummies at 3,000 cinemas, 2,500 3D screens.

The Lost World at 2,000 3D cinemas.

The Man Who Knew Too Much at 2 theaters.

The Piano at 1,000 theaters.

Trainspotting at 1 theater.

Tragedy at 1 theaters.