When it comes to film trailers, you don’t want to sound like an asshole.

So don’t waste time telling moviegoers about your crappy trailer.

Instead, focus on the things that will really get them to buy the movie.

So here are eight things that moviegoers will appreciate about the trailers you can share with them.


It’s more than just a trailer.

Movie trailers can be just as valuable as the trailers themselves.

In fact, trailers can help boost movie sales by providing information about your upcoming releases, as well as the film’s box office numbers and ticket sales.

This information helps moviegoers determine if they want to see the film or not, so they can purchase tickets for the film.

If you want to keep the trailer simple, here are some tips to help make your trailer a more appealing experience.


Make it a little less long.

Make your trailer shorter.

Movie theaters can take up to four to six minutes to finish a trailer, which is usually why most trailers are longer than one minute.

Make sure to give your trailer as little time as possible to give the moviegoers the chance to fully experience your film.


Use an attractive and professional-looking image.

When it’s time to promote a movie, you want your trailer to look like a movie theater.

However, you should also consider the image of your movie trailer.

If it looks a little like an old movie trailer, that’s a good thing.

That way, the moviegoing public can see what’s going on behind the scenes and how your movie is being made.


Make a splash.

Don’t be afraid to use your trailer for a special event, such as a screening or premiere.

Make the trailer your first marketing tool and use it as a jumping-off point to showcase your film in front of an audience.


Use your movie’s title.

Use the trailer title to introduce your movie, and make it as memorable as possible.

It will help you build your audience and attract more people to see your film once it opens in theaters.


Get your trailer on the Internet.

Use trailers as a promotional tool to spread your film to the internet, giving you a leg up when it comes time to advertise the movie on other platforms.


Make trailers your own.

If your movie has a unique title, you can use it to advertise your movie.

You can even use the trailer to showcase the film and its trailer in your marketing materials.


Make them available in a variety of formats.

If all of this sounds good to you, you’re ready to put your trailer together.

Start by creating your trailer in Photoshop and importing it into Adobe Premiere.

This will create a fully animated trailer in a range of resolutions, including 320×480, 720×480 and 1080×1920.

When you’re done, share your trailer with your friends and share it on social media using the hashtag #MovieTailor.

If any of the things you mentioned above have you talking, don’t forget to check out our list of movies to watch on DVD that you can actually see on the big screen.

If so, check out the trailer below: