New Line Cinemas is launching a new line of premium theater rentals with new premium premium theater locations at New Line theaters across the country.

The new line includes premium locations in Los Angeles, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City, and premium locations across the Midwest.

These new premium theater sites will offer a variety of new premium movie options.

New Line said it’s looking to expand to new markets across the United States.

New York will see the new premium locations begin with the opening of a new theater in September in the Hudson Yards neighborhood of Manhattan.

The company said it is working with theaters to make premium theater rental locations more attractive to people who are interested in premium film and television.

“We have a lot of new markets to expand into,” said Joe DeMartino, New Line CEO and president of business development and operations.

“It will be exciting to see the excitement of new customers and new communities.”

The new premium theaters will offer premium movie rentals such as the Disney Channel series “The Little Mermaid,” Disney Junior series “Disney Princesses: Ariel, Jasmine and Pocahontas,” and Disney Channel specials.

The New Line is also working on an “Adventureland” series that will feature live entertainment, a new ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park and a new attraction at Disney California Adventure park.

The company said a new movie is currently in development for each of these premium movie theaters.

New Line said the New Line will also offer premium cinema rental locations in New York, San Francisco, Los Angles, San Jose, Miami, San Diego and Atlanta.

New L Line Cinema, a premium film rental and specialty retail store, is opening locations in Portland, Oregon; Philadelphia; Atlanta; and Atlanta, Georgia.

The companies said the new New L Cinema locations will begin with a new premium rental location in December.

New L Cinema will be the first premium theater in the U.S. to offer premium film rentals and will be available in select New York and San Francisco locations.

The theaters have already been successful in selling premium film tickets and movies, with more than 7,000 tickets sold at each of the three theaters, according to the company.

New line also said the company is working on a new “Disney Universe” movie series that it hopes will expand into other movie franchises, including “Coco,” “Moana” and “Pixar Cars.”

New Line also said it has opened more than 600 premium movie locations across North America, with new locations in cities including Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago and Washington, D.C. New line said it plans to expand its offerings to other locations.

It said the companies have also expanded their offerings with premium movie rental locations throughout the Midwest and South.

The movies are being produced by Pixar and based on characters from the “Finding Nemo” film franchise.