The first five months of the year can be the most exciting for cinema lovers.

This is when movie theaters start offering discounts and special promotions for their first few months of availability, making them more accessible to new fans.

But as long as you can find a spot, you’ll be fine, says the author of this guide, who has been a patron at least once a month for more than two decades.

We asked cinema experts from across the globe to share their tips for getting started.

-Johannes de Rynck, senior director, international, cinema cafe chain, Paradigm Cinemas, Germany The first thing you need to know about cinema cafes is that they’re not open to the public.

They have no wifi or charging stations, and are usually not open for dining, barbecuing or watching films.

The cinema is usually open during daylight hours and closes at sunset.

-Catherine, senior cinematographer, Sundance Institute, California As the first step to getting a spot at the cinema, it’s important to understand what the cinema offers, and what you need before booking.

The biggest misconception people have about cinema cafés is that you can’t watch movies in them.

That’s not true, says Catherine, the senior cinematography instructor at the Sundance Film Festival.

“The first step is to figure out what the movie is.

If it’s a romantic comedy, the coffee is served with the director’s notes and a copy of the script.

If the film is about a political event or a war movie, you’re served with a poster.

You can even order popcorn.”

You can get a copy, too, of the movie and the poster for free.

-Benjamin Sussman, senior editor, cinema, AMC, New York City A cinema cafe is a place where you can sit and enjoy a movie with a friendly group of people.

The experience is usually short, but a lot of times it lasts up to 15 minutes.

It’s not just a place for movies; it’s also a place to meet people and share ideas.

-Samantha B., cinema, Paramount, California It is possible to find a seat in a cinema cafe.

It is a very private place, but they have lots of TVs and you can see what they’re showing on.

You’re likely to have a drink and a snack before you sit down, so you don’t need to spend money on drinks or food.

-David, senior executive editor, Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles The cinema cafe experience is not just limited to movies.

You’ll also find other forms of entertainment available, such as music and theater shows.

The only rule is that if you want to watch a movie, bring your own popcorn.

-Elliott, senior editorial assistant, The New York Times, New Zealand A movie cinema cafe can be very popular if you’re willing to book and stay for a while.

You won’t have to worry about getting any seats or getting a refund on your ticket.

-Kristy, senior creative director, The Hollywood Reporter and the editor of Cinema Culture magazine, New Mexico When you find a cinema café, there are usually two or three movies available to choose from.

They’ll offer a range of different types of films.

Some will have a small screen, while others will be completely immersive.

There will also be music and dancing, as well as some activities like drawing and painting.

-Mark, senior production editor, Cinema Culture, New Jersey Movies can be expensive.

But you won’t pay a fortune.

There are often no set fees for tickets, and you will find that you’ll get a better deal if you book in advance.

-Natalie, senior reporter, Variety, Florida If you’re looking for a spot in a movie theater, you will likely be able to get a seat right away, but it may be difficult to find the perfect seat.

Movies are usually offered in a single room, and if you can manage to find seats for all of them, it’ll be much better.

-Miles, senior digital editor, Variety magazine, California Most movie theatres offer a free coffee and a small snack before sitting down to watch movies.

But there are some theaters that charge for movies that are only available during certain hours of the day.

That can mean that you have to sit through a movie that you could have watched in another room.

You could also be charged for food and beverages that you couldn’t have consumed before.

-Michael, senior manager, cinema and TV, Warner Bros., California If you can only get one movie, there is no need to book for a seat.

You should just take your pick.

-Vincent, senior writer, Variety Magazine, California If a movie is about politics or politics-related issues, you might be charged extra for it.

You might also need to pay for parking.

-Robert, senior entertainment reporter, The Huffington Post