A new app for iOS and Android lets you easily browse movie theaters, browse TV shows, and more.

Cinema Snub is an app that lets you browse movies on your phone or tablet, find local theaters, and watch movies offline.

You can watch movies online from the app or directly on your PC, Mac, or Android device.

CinemaSnob is available for iOS in the App Store and the Google Play store.

CinemaSnoob has also been updated for iOS 10, so if you have a newer version of iOS, you should be able to use CinemaSsoob.

Cinema is an iOS app that brings you the best local cinema in your neighborhood, while CinemaSnub brings you movies from across the country.

This is great news for movie lovers who may be able find a movie in one of the many theaters across the United States, but are unable to watch the show at home.

This app also lets you search for movies on demand, so you can watch a movie while you’re out and about.

Cinema and CinemaSnobs apps work on iOS 10 and up.

You’ll be able stream movies directly from your phone’s SD card, which is a feature we’ve been seeing a lot lately.

The new CinemaSloob app also has new features like offline mode, movie search, and offline-on-demand movie playback.

The app is available in the iOS App Store, the Google App Store (in the Google Store app), and the Apple App Store.