The Premier League is the place to be if you want to watch Manchester United in a FA Cup semi-final.

The match is at 5pm on Saturday night. 

The tie starts at 6pm and will be shown on the Sky Sports channel. 

It is also on BT Sport and ITV1. 

If you can’t make it, you can also watch on Sky Sports or BT Sport. 

Here are some tips for watching the game: Go to the Manchester United Twitter account #ufc  and follow Man Utd fans to get the best deals. 

Make sure you have Sky Sports and BT Sport on your TV sets as they are both Sky Sports channels. 

Go for the Manchester United and Everton match on Sat., Nov. 1 at the Manchester Arena. 

You can also catch up on the Man United Live stream on BT Sport on Saturday. 

On Sunday, Liverpool and Chelsea will face off in the FA Cup. 

Man City will take on Swansea at Old Trafford on Saturday and on Sunday, Tottenham will face Southampton in the Europa League. 

Have fun, you will love it!