It’s a lot to ask for a place that serves everything from a hot dogs to the perfect cup of coffee.

But that’s exactly what is on offer at Bay Park Cinema, which offers a full bar, a full screen TV and even a full-size cinema in the lobby.

The cinema’s location at the corner of Bay and West streets in Greendale has long been an important part of the neighborhood’s vibrant arts community, where residents have come together to watch movies and celebrate the local community.

It’s an experience many residents describe as being like going to their own backyard.

“This is the most welcoming, intimate space we’ve had here,” said resident and Bay Park Cinemas co-owner Scott Miller.

“It’s got a little bit of a nostalgic feel to it, and I think that’s the way that it was for me as a kid.

You could come here and see everything that was happening in the neighborhood and really feel like you were at home.”

The city of Houston is proud of the fact that Greendale and its surrounding area is home to a number of community cinema chains, but it is home also to the Greendale Arts District, an arts community that has been a part of downtown since the 1950s.

A new film series called Bay View, about a young man named Tyler who discovers his passion for filmmaking at a local cinema, will debut at the Greesville Cinema in June.

For a long time, the community has been on the forefront of Houston’s growing cinema scene.

The city has seen a boom in independent films that are screening in its theaters.

The Bay Park is the latest addition to the chain of film theaters that opened in 2012, with over 100 screens across the city.

“The Bay Park has a very vibrant and active community and they are really excited about coming here,” Miller said.

“I think they will have a great experience.”

Miller hopes that Bay Park’s reputation for quality cinema will help the city grow its community cinema industry.

“We want to see a thriving independent community, a thriving cinema industry, and they’ve been able to do that for decades now,” he said.

The Greendale Film Festival was founded in 2012 by the Greener Arts Council to promote the arts and culture of the city, which is home not only to Greendale but also to a handful of other vibrant community cinema theaters.

“Greendale is such an exciting and beautiful place to be in and to have that presence is really something that we’re looking forward to,” Miller added.