The new Oregon movie theaters have officially become Women’s Marches.

The Oregon Department of Business, Technology and Economic Development (BETA) announced that The Point Cinema in Portland and The Ledge Cinemas in Lincoln will be hosting the Women’s Feb. 4th event on Feb. 11th.

The Portland, Oregon, location will host the event at 7 p.m. with the Hollywood sign in the background.

In the past, the Ledge Cinema hosted the Women March on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2020.

The L.A. location is expected to host the Women In The Arts March in 2020, and the Hollywood event will also be held in 2021.

“We are excited to offer a celebration of the incredible women in our state, and of all women in the world,” BETA Vice President for Women’s Media and Communications, Laura Bowers, said in a statement.

“These new venues will provide a unique opportunity to celebrate the importance of our state’s women and inspire our community to be even more active and courageous, while also bringing together families, friends, and neighbors who share our values and aspirations.”

In the coming weeks, the two locations will also host the International Women’s Day celebration, the International Men’s Day and International Women of Color Day events.

The event also coincides with the Women in Film Awards, an awards show that recognizes films, television and other projects that represent the accomplishments of women in film and television.

The 2018 Hollywood Walk Of Fame will host another Women’s Walk of FAME on Feb 1, 2019.