The NHL has long struggled to fill arenas.

As of this summer, they’re no longer playing at all.

The league announced the news Tuesday, announcing it will not play any more games this season because of a financial issue that will cost the league more than $600 million.

That includes the cost of paying the league’s 30 teams $4.5 million a year.

The league has been operating on a one-time budget of $1.7 billion for the past decade.

The last season played in the new $1 billion arena was in 2012-13, when the league played in its inaugural season at the Coliseum.

The NHL says the league is committed to building a new arena and will make a decision by the end of March.

But the league has made clear that it will only do so if it can secure financing from private investors.

The team that owns the Coliseum says it is hopeful the NHL will find a way to make up for the $400 million shortfall, but that the owners’ share of the cost is not a viable option.

“I hope that we get the financing we need to finish what we’re doing,” said Joe Nieuwendyk, who was the team’s general manager at the time of the Coliseum project.

“If we can’t get that done, then we won’t play any games.

It would be an absolute shame for our city and for the hockey fans in our community.

We have been in discussions with the NHL and with the City of Anaheim,” said Scott Mitchell, the owner of the Anaheim Ducks.

“We’ll see what happens.”

In addition to the Coliseum, the team said it will build a new building on the north side of the arena, and the team also plans to open a new practice facility in Anaheim’s Central Valley, home to the California Golden Seals.

It also plans on building a training facility and a youth hockey facility in San Diego.

The announcement came as the NBA is also in talks with the league about a new, larger arena.