Houston, TX—September 24, 2018—Houston Film Festival, the largest film festival in the world, has just started its first screening of “The Hateful Eight,” a gripping, emotionally moving and beautifully shot film that was released in September and is now in theaters across the country.

Houston Film Festivals Director Michael Oates announced that the Houston Film Center, which holds the largest screen in the country, will screen the film on Wednesday, September 25, at its Houston Cinemas, and that more than 200 screenings have been planned.

“We are proud to premiere this film at a major film festival like Houston Film Fest and it has become a very strong local event for Houston,” said Oates.

“This film is an important piece of history for the city and a story that should be told by the people of Houston.

Houston Film, a family-owned and operated business since 1985, is the only film festival to offer its screening at the Houston Cinemases.

This is truly a historic moment in Houston history and the movie has resonated with audiences and critics around the world.””

The Haughty Eight” is about the murder of the famed gangster James “Barry” Cooper by his partner and childhood friend Jack Harkness (Dwayne Johnson).

It follows a group of survivors on their quest to recover Cooper’s remains in hopes that he will find them and reveal the truth behind the death of his family.

Houston is now on pace to host over 300,000 people for its first annual Houston FilmFest, which will run from September 26-30.

The festival will feature more than 50 local and international films and a variety of entertainment and educational activities.

“Houston Film has always been about bringing people together in a spirit of celebration and exploration, and we are proud of the contributions we have made to the Houston community through our festival,” said Houston Film President, Jim Hall.

“The Houston Film Centre will showcase a great selection of local and regional films as well as Houston’s premier cinema.

Our community has proven to be an integral part of the film community for many years, and this is a great example of how we can continue to make Houston a thriving community that fosters creativity, diversity, community and engagement.

It is an honor to be able to provide Houstonians with this opportunity to celebrate the rich and diverse history of Houston, a city that continues to be the home of film and music.”

For more information on the Houston Filming Festival, visit http://www.houstonfilming.com