Toronto’s Paragulls, the world-renowned theatre company, is about to go dark.

It has been shut down for the second time this year after it was revealed that the company had been unable to raise the necessary funding for its next production.

It’s now the third time in a decade the company has shut down.

The last time the company shut down was back in 2017 when it closed the theatre for the season.

Paragollard said it will now take a year-long hiatus until it is ready to reopen, as part of a plan to re-engage with the community and rebuild the community.

The company has struggled to find funding to continue its productions since the financial downturn hit in 2017, but its director, Michael Ouellet, says the company will return to the public in a few years.

Ouelle said in a statement that it is now up to all stakeholders to take a look at the future of the theatre, as the city’s economy remains “challenged.”

He said he was “thrilled” by the community’s support and hopes to see the Paragllards returning to the spotlight.