Water Tower cinema has opened its doors to the public in Sydney’s inner west, where it will be available for a limited time.

The movie theatre, located at the corner of Sydney Street and Northbridge Avenue, will be open until September 15.

The cinema’s owners, the New Zealand company Waverley Cinemas, say the venue has been a key factor in their continued expansion.

“The water tower is our key location,” said John Matson, Water Tower’s general manager.

“We’ve had great success with water tower cinemas around the world, and in Sydney we are looking to do the same thing here.”

They’re very similar in that they’re a place that is a bit of a refuge from the heat of the city, but with the right mix of features.

“People can go and see a movie, or they can sit down and have a coffee, and then go and watch a movie in the cinema.”

Waverley is a small business with no major revenue.

However, it has been one of the few movie theatres in the inner west to be open for a few weeks.

The Water Tower will also offer an alternative to the water tower in the central business district, offering more seating and a cafe area for patrons.

It will be the first time Waverly Cinemas has opened in Sydney for some time.

“Waverly is the first movie theatre in the outer suburbs to be in a water tower,” Mr Matson said.

“This is a great opportunity for people to come and visit.”

The water towers will be a permanent fixture on the Waverleys property.