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The cinema is the latest in a series of Blackmagic pocket cinephiles to roll out in cinemas across the UK and Ireland.

Star Cinema opened in March, with the first of a number of cinemas on its books.

The company has since expanded into cinemas and has four new theatres on the books in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

In 2018, Star Cinema released its first film, the film The Grand Tour, a documentary about the film industry in Ireland, the UK, and the US.

The film is a big hit, and has received a special honour at the Cannes film festival.

It also won the prestigious Grand Jury Prize at the Venice film festival and is currently available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD.

It is a must-see for any filmgoer.

The second film in the series is The Grandmaster, a dark comedy about a young man who’s in the business of turning people into black magic masters.

It was released on Blu, DVD, and DigitalHD in September.

Star is also looking at expanding into theatres in the coming months, and it is working on a third film.

There are several other films that Star has planned, including one that will focus on the production of black magic and another about a black magician who is part of a new school of black magicians in the US that also includes Blackmagic and the Black Magic Institute.

Blackmagic was founded in 1978 by Blackmagic founder and Blackmagic CEO Steve Mancuso, and in 2015 Blackmagic began producing its own films.

In 2017, Blackmagic released the first film in a trilogy, The Black Magic Code, and followed it with two films that were both directed by Tom Ford.

The first film was released in 2016 and featured a black magician named Harry in the role of Merlin, and a Blackmagic employee named Kwan who was played by Danny DeVito.

The two films also starred Kevin Bacon and were released in 2017.

The next film was Blackmagic’s second film, The Grand Master, and focused on Merlin, a magician who has been trained in black magic by a black sorcerer called Blackmagick, and who then goes on to become Blackmagic master himself.

It had a good run, winning two Oscars, and was released theatrically in 2018.

In 2019, Star was announced to be producing its next film, an adaptation of the book by James Patterson, the creator of the comic book Fantastic Four.

Black Magic Pocket Cinephile was a hit, winning awards for the film and also getting a special recognition at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

The new film is about a Black Magic Academy where Blackmagic Academy students have been given access to a Black magic book, and are taught the secrets of black sorcery, as well as other secrets of the world of magic.

The cast is full of talented actors including Ben Mendelsohn as Merlin, Michael Shannon as Kwan, and Idris Elba as Blackmagic Instructor.

BlackMagic’s new films also have a strong focus on international actors such as Michael Shannon, who plays Blackmagic apprentice and Blackmagik, and Daniel Kaluuya as Blackmagicks student.

BlackMagick has won a number in the past, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Language Film in 2019 for The Grandmasters, which has won four Oscars, including best supporting actor in a leading role.