The NFL announced Friday that it is bringing back the old midway-style “bose” cinema to its home games in 2017.

The move will kick off a long-awaited revival of midway’s most beloved movie theater that has been the centerpiece of NFL home games since 1960.

Bose began its revival in the 1950s with the advent of the NFL’s Chicago Bears.

Since then, the film has become synonymous with the franchise and has helped to establish the city as a hub for American film.

Bosco, who also is the executive vice president of stadium operations for NFL Network, said in a statement that the film will be the centerpiece for the NFL in its “ultimate home-game experience.”

The film’s rebirth will include a new Bose sound system that will play during the game, as well as a new “midway” screen that will be installed at the end of the game to show highlights from each team.

The NFL will also have its own brand of beer and wine available for purchase throughout the game.

The return of midways, which has been a staple of NFL games since the mid-1960s, has become a touchstone for fans.

It’s also a reminder that football is a sport that’s about a lot more than just one play.