There’s a reason why some theaters are starting to open up.

As more and more of the moviegoing public are looking for a more accessible option, more and a larger number of theaters are popping up to provide the same experience.

This weekend, there will be more than 50 new theaters opening across the U.S. That’s a lot of new places for fans to enjoy the action.

So what are some of the best new theaters in the U, in terms of new releases, new films, new movies that are just getting released, and a ton of other things?

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Here’s a look at all of the new theaters that will be opening this weekend:The Battle Ground Cinema has been operating since 2014, and opened up to the public in 2015.

Their film offerings include, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, The Matrix Reloaded, Terminator Salvation, and The Muppets: The Movie.

For those of you who don’t know, The Battle Ground is located at the corner of Broad and Pine Streets, just a few blocks from the movie theater that was originally slated to open in 2018.

That was scrapped because of an upcoming project.

The theater has been in the works for a while.

The original plans for The Battle Grounds, which was to be located at 605 Pine Street, were to open back in 2019, but those plans were cancelled when the new project was announced in 2017.

They reopened in 2018, but only after the project was cancelled, and now they’re looking for new owners.

They’ve had two different owners since then.

The first was the same man who owns the theater, Chris Moberg, but the second was Jason DeMarco.

Jason had been the current owner of the theater until last month, when he announced he’d sold the property to his company, The City, in order to expand his business and expand his filmography.

The City’s current owner is Kevin Johnson, and he’s known for bringing movies to the East Coast.

They have a lot more titles that are coming to theaters on the East coast, and they’re currently releasing The Last Jedi in theaters in Atlanta, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Johnson’s films are mostly in the realm of action, comedy, horror, and family fare.

He has also released several films in the past few years with titles that have been highly successful, including A Fantastic Woman, The Last Man on Earth, and A Million Ways to Die in the West.

He and his team have been very supportive of The Battle Fields, and have had several people coming in and helping out.

They are also opening up an event space, called the Battle Field Theater, to bring more events to The Battle Field Cinema, and for the first time in years, they are offering a special ticket to the theater to celebrate the release of a new film.

There will be a screening of the film at 6:00 PM on Friday, December 10th, followed by a silent screening at 7:00PM on Saturday.

The movie will be released in theaters around the country on December 13th.

The movie, The Maze Runner, is one of those films that you won’t want to miss out on.

The film is the latest from director James Wan, who also produced, wrote, and directed the original film.

The Maze runner is the story of a group of teenagers who are stalked by a group called the Grapes of Wrath.

The main character, Mason, is a young man who has the ability to see past the world around him.

Mason is a high school student at the time of the incident.

The Maze Runner has been on the big screen for a number of years now, and the film has gotten a lot better as time has passed.

It’s now a franchise, and it’s still one of the most successful films of all time.

Wan’s newest film, The Florida Project, has also been in theaters since 2017.

It was also released on Blu-ray and DVD last year, and will soon be available for purchase on digital download.

The theaters will also be bringing the beloved Disney Channel series, Aladdin to the screens.

The series was originally released in 2004, and since then, it has spawned several sequels and spinoffs, and has become one of Disney’s biggest and most successful franchises.

The Aladdin franchise has been around for more than 60 years.

The Aladdin theme park is currently in operation, and is the longest running theme park in the world.

It is also home to many Disney attractions, including the Jungle Cruise, Epcot, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The park opened in 2003, and currently has nearly 10 million guests visiting it every year.

Disney has also added some new attractions to the parks, including a new Star Wars themed attraction, the Jungle Ride, and Star Wars Land, which is a new