Cherrydale Cinemas has confirmed that it is going to shut down in April and will open its doors in May.

The cinema chain has had a difficult time in recent years, struggling with poor attendance and a loss of business due to a lack of new cinemas to cater for.

The chain has also had to make decisions about how to allocate the profits it makes from the concession and concession stand, which has been closed for the past two years.

The news comes just two weeks after it announced a new concession stand will open for its 21st consecutive week in late February.

The company has said it will focus on expanding the cinema network and the concessions area.

Cherrydale is the only cinema chain to have shut down, and it is also one of the few chains in NSW to have closed its concession stand.

Cherryville Cinemas announced a “new concession stand” will open in Cherryville for the second consecutive week on Monday, February 16.

The theatre chain has confirmed it is shutting down in early April, but has not given any specific dates for when it will reopen.

Cherry Valley Cinemas had announced it would close for the first time since it opened in the early 1990s, and has struggled to find a viable alternative to its concession stands.

The closure will have a major impact on Cherry Valley Cinema’s patrons, who will be able to no longer access the concession stand and concession area.

It is understood that the theatre chain will offer free screenings of the new feature film ‘Loving Vincent’, which will open this weekend, in its concession area, as well as other events.

The Cherry Valley cinema chain will also be taking on an “extension” from the concessions and concession stands to open up new events in the concession area as well.

Cherryhill Cinemas will reopen in early May.

“The company will continue to support the Cherry Valley community by offering free screenings, theatre events, and more,” the chain said in a statement.

The last of the Cherrydale cinema chains to close in recent times was the Cherry Hill Cinemas.

The iconic cinema chain closed in 2014, and in a letter to its customers, the Cherryhill cinema chain said it would be “working hard” to reopen.

In a statement to News24, the company said it “has not made a final decision about its future plans”.