The Austin Film and TV Society announced this morning that Austin Cinemas will be shutting down its cinema operations beginning in February 2019.

The Austin Cinemases will no longer be accepting new productions.

The Society has been working with a variety of stakeholders, including Austin businesses and residents, to determine what the long-term impact of this move will be.

The first phases of the project involved the renovation and expansion of Austin’s existing cinema locations.

However, as the Austin Film Foundation has already announced, the film and TV production community is very passionate about Austin, and the Austin Cinema Foundation has been a vital partner for this transformation.

The society was founded in 2013 and is the only regional film and television society in Texas.

The new Austin Cinemasses will be the first Austin Film Club membership cinema in the state, with the first of these new cinema locations to open in 2019.

Austin’s new Austin Cinema will offer a unique experience for the next generation of Austin filmmakers, who are already looking to expand their careers.

The program was designed to be accessible to everyone, while providing a diverse range of film and media education opportunities.

The foundation also pledged to invest $200,000 into Austin’s film and video production infrastructure, including a new facility to house the Austin Theatre Company, the world’s largest independent theatre company.

In a press release this morning, Austin Mayor Steve Adler called the move a “historic day for Austin and its film and tv community,” adding, “We will continue to build on the momentum of Austin and Austin Film in our communities.”