The New Orleans Pelicans are set to play their first game in a new, state-of-the-art facility in downtown New Orleans after the team moved from the old AT&T Center.

The Pelicans will play at the NRG Center in downtown Houston, the team announced on Friday.

The Pelicans will host the Houston Rockets on Sunday, Dec. 23, before hosting the Washington Wizards on Thursday, Dec 18.

The new arena will be built on the site of a former AT&A Center.

The team originally moved from downtown New York in the 1960s to Houston.

The city of New Orleans is home to the NR, which is owned by billionaire owner Tom Benson, who is a major philanthropist.

The facility opened in December, with the Pelicans playing their first home game in the facility on April 25.

The team is one of the top markets in the NBA.

The NBA has moved to a 14-team league in 2021 and is expected to add 10 more teams before the end of the decade.