The United States has a long history of screening films in theaters.

However, many of the films you might have seen in theaters are not available in the US.

If you have a few minutes to spare, here are the best movie theaters to visit in Arizona, Utah and Nevada.


Theaters in the Phoenix area and in the Salt Lake City metro area.


The Paramount Cinemas in Salt Lake and Tucson.


The Grand Canyon in Canyon City.


The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.


The Sands in Phoenix.


The New Orleans Times-Picayune in New Orleans.


The Phoenix Film Festival in Phoenix (formerly known as The Cinema at the Phoenix Film Center).


The Cineplex in Scottsdale, Arizona.


The Palms Cinema in Scotty, Arizona (now known as Cinemark) 10.

The Desert Vista Cinema in Desert Vista, Arizona, and the Phoenix Art Museum.


The Arco Theatre in Tempe, Arizona and the Art Museum in Phoenix 11.

Cinemark Cinemas (Cinemark Cinemark in New York City, the Cinemark cinema in Los Vegas and the Cinemarks cinema in Dallas and Austin).


Cinemascope (The Art of Cinema in Chicago).


The Art Center in Austin, Texas and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Altos Hills.


The Arizona Film Center in Tucson.


The Star Cinema in Tucson (now called The Cinema of Arizona).


The Cinema in San Diego, California.


The Los Angeles Film Festival.


The Cinemark Cinema in Phoenix, Arizona 19.

The Westin Phoenix, Phoenix and San Diego (now owned by the Disney family).


The Palace Cinemas and the Paramount Cinema in Anaheim.


The Film Forum in Hollywood.


The Ritz Cinema in Beverly Hills.


The Biltmore in West Hollywood.


The Palladium Cinema in Palm Springs, California 25.

The Las Vegas Cinemark.


The Fox Theater in Hollywood and Las Vegas.


The Old Hollywood Theatre in Los Alamitos.


The AMC Hollywood in Hollywood, California 29.

The MGM Grand in Las Vegas 30.

The Warner Bros. Resorts in Las Regis, California 31.

The Regency Cinema in Los Feliz.


The Century 21 in Westwood, California 33.

The Sunset Strip in Hollywood 34.

The Beverly Hills in Beverly, California 35.

The Village Theatre in Beverly and the Beverly Hills Museum in Beverly.


The El Corazon Cinema in Rancho Cucamonga, California 37.

The Alhambra in Las Palmas, California 38.

The Plaza Cinema in Las Olas, California 39.

The Chautauqua in Beverly Beach, California 40.

The Riverbank in Hollywood 41.

The Forum in Los Gatos, California 42.

The Rosemont in Los Olivos, New York 43.

The Wilshire in Beverly Heights 44.

The Magnolia Cinema in Torrance, California 45.

The Grosvenor Cinema in Venice, California 46.

The Riverside Cinema in Irvine, California 47.

The La Jolla Cinema in La Jona, California 48.

The Mission Hills in Pasadena, California 49.

The Lincoln Square Cinema in Lincoln Square, California 50.

The Dolby Theatre in San Francisco, California 51.

The Northgate Cinema in Berkeley, California 52.

The Mondo Cinema in Oakland, California 53.

The Silver Lake Cinema in Silver Lake, California 54.

The Larchmont in Santa Barbara, California 55.

The San Francisco Opera in San Mateo, California 56.

The Soho House Cinema in New Westminster, British Columbia 57.

The Tribeca Film Festival Los Angeles, California 58.

The Edgard Cinema in Edgard, Switzerland 59.

The Folsom, California Cinema in Folsome, California 60.

The Venice Film Festival California, California 61.

The Salt Lake Film Festival Salt Lake, Utah 62.

The Wild West Cinema in Salt lake City, Utah 63.

The Museum of Science and Industry in San Jose, California 64.

The Tiki Cinema in Tiki, Hawaii 65.

The Pompano Beach Film Festival, Florida 66.

The Pacific Film Festival Las Vegas, Nevada 67.

The Scripps, California 68.

The Redwood City Cinema in Redwood Valley, California 69.

The Theaters of South Africa in Cape Town, South Africa 70.

The Toronto International Film Festival Toronto, Ontario, Canada 71.

The Vue Cinema in Vancouver, British Colombia 72.

The Eureka Theater in Nashville, Tennessee 73.

The Great Escape Cinemas, Phoenix, United States 74.

The Wailers Cinema in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 75.

The Waterfront Cinema in Tampa, Florida 76.

The Avalon Cinema in Orlando, Florida 77.

The Kaleidoscope Cinema in Denver, Colorado 78