The Stanley Cup Playoffs have been out of playoff contention for nearly three years, and the Capitals haven’t even made the playoffs since 2010.

It’s hard to blame them.

Despite a stellar start to the season, the Capitals have failed to make the playoffs for the first time since 2004.

It is a big, big, huge problem.

The Capitals have had the third-most playoff games (42) in the NHL since 2004, the longest such drought in the league.

In the same time period, they are the worst team in the Eastern Conference and sit at the bottom of the Metropolitan Division standings.

If they’re not in the playoffs, they’re in trouble.

So why hasn’t the Capitals made the postseason?

The short answer: The playoffs are tough.

The longer answer: They don’t play for long.

The playoffs start on April 15, and there are no playoff matchups on that date.

That’s not an ideal situation.

But there are other factors that make it difficult to make a playoff push.

Playoff teams are going to lose.

Playoff players aren’t going to be the ones to take advantage of their limited opportunities.

Playoff success is based on a combination of talent, luck, and luck-of-the-draw.

Winning a playoff game, however, is a different story.

The Washington Capitals are one of the most talented teams in the game.

They have an elite forward corps that boasts a pair of superstars in Braden Holtby and Braden Miller, as well as a pair who play in their prime, both of whom have already won the Stanley Cup.

If the Capitals are going anywhere, they’ll have to win at least one of those two games to keep the playoff race alive.

If not, it’s tough to see them going anywhere.

This team is built around two of the best forwards in the business, so even if the team is unable to make an impact, it won’t matter.

Washington is in the midst of one of its best playoff runs in franchise history, and if the Capitals fail to win one of their games, it will be a huge, big deal.

If that game is on April 14, that will be the first-place team in each conference, and a playoff berth will be theirs.

And if the playoffs were on April 1, it would be the last team in their conference to make it, which would leave them as the fourth-place seed in the East and two games behind the Boston Bruins for the final playoff spot.

It seems like the playoffs are going pretty well for the Capitals, but if the season were to end tonight, it could very well be the end of the road for the franchise.