Posted March 15, 2018 11:04:07AUSTRALIA’s Christian Church is in the midst of a massive public relations battle with Scientology.

While the Australian church has publicly rebuked Scientology for what it regards as “dehumanising” and “intolerable” actions, the latest revelation from the Church of Scientology’s leadership is that its leader is actually more “tolerant” of Scientology.

The Church of the Holy Trinity released a statement on Monday, denying that its leaders are “tolerance loving” towards Scientology.

“While it is true that the Church has publicly repudiated Scientology, it is the case that the leaders of the Church, including its most senior leaders, are tolerant and understanding towards those who have not yet reached a ‘higher’ level of spiritual maturity,” the statement said.

“It is the Church’s view that the ‘higher level of maturity’ for the Church can only be attained through the attainment of ‘higher spiritual maturity’, which is the attainment and acceptance of the ‘truth’.”

In the words of our Holy Father, Jesus Christ, ‘The way is not hard, the burden is light, and the way is true.’

“Scientology is a religion of secrecy and secrecy is a key ingredient of Scientology: the Church is the world’s most secretive organisation.

It has long been known that the church uses its members to run its world-famous secret-code-breaking operation, the Church Of The Holy Trinity, and its most famous high-profile employee, David Miscavige, is the leader of the organisation.

Scientology has been accused of being an abusive organisation, with some critics describing it as the “Church Of Satan” and claiming it is a cult.

But in the latest statement, the church’s spokesman, Scott Smith, claimed the church was “not anti-Scientology”.”

Scientology and its leadership do not view themselves as anti-religious, nor do they believe that we have a choice as to whether to engage with the religion or not,” he said.

The statement also included a statement from Miscavigue, in which he defended his organisation’s behaviour.”

In fact, as I said in my book, The Secret Of The Sword, there is a certain irony in that in the end we may all be better off without Scientology,” he wrote.”

But the more we have the opportunity to examine the truths behind Scientology, the more it makes sense to leave.

“We must all be aware that the only way to end the suffering of others is to end Scientology.

That is why we must be open-minded and seek to understand the truth, and not cling to the lies and falsehoods that have made the religion so popular.”‘

Not a very good idea’The statement comes as the Church issued a statement, saying that it was not going to take action against the organisation for its actions.

“The Church is committed to ensuring that its members and those in the Church experience no discrimination, abuse or harm and we have no intention of pursuing a complaint against the Church,” the Church said.

Mr Smith has been the Church spokesman for the past few months, and is considered a senior figure within the organisation, a position he has held since 2012.

“Scott Smith is a highly respected and experienced spokesperson for the church and is well respected within the church for his honesty, integrity and strong support for the integrity of the church,” the church said in a statement.

“His public statements reflect his genuine desire to make amends for his past behaviour.

The Church is confident that the allegations against Scott Smith are false and that he will be vindicated.”

The church has also confirmed that its founder, David Koresh, is no longer a Scientologist.

But the latest comments could give new hope to former members who are struggling to get their former church members to speak out.

“I’m not sure that I want to speak about it, I’m just hoping that he’s OK,” said one former member of the Sea Org, who asked not to be named.

“If he is OK, it’s really good news.

I’m hoping that I’m not going down the same road as him.”

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