The meteorologist who predicted that the coronavirus would reach Australia last year was on the wrong end of an attack, it has emerged.

Regal Cinemas in the US state of California was the target of a cyber attack in April, and the cyber attack was traced to the company’s systems.

“We are aware of the matter, and have taken steps to ensure that our systems are fully secured,” a spokesman said in a statement.

The spokesman did not elaborate on the steps taken.

The attack was not the first time that Regal Cinemases has come under attack.

In November, it was hit with a cyber-attack that forced the closure of a few cinemas in Australia.

In March, the company said that it was investigating the attack, which was traced back to its IT systems.

Regals cinemas had previously been targeted by hackers in March and June last year, and it is believed that the attack was triggered by the same group.

“I think the cyber-attacks are becoming more and more frequent, and more and longer-lasting,” Regal’s head of IT, Mike Pascalis, told the ABC.

“It’s been a long time coming, but it’s definitely become more frequent.”

The cyber-assault was traced directly to the servers of Regal Cinema, and Regal has said that its systems were not breached.

“The attack came from a group that was targeting Regal cinemassages in the United States, and our systems were fully secured at the time,” the company wrote on its blog.

Regaling cinemas are in Australia’s south-west, where they are situated near the country’s border with New South Wales.

A spokesperson for the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet said that the State Government would work with Regal and its local partners to determine how the attack occurred.

“Regal’s security systems are strong and resilient, and we are taking all appropriate measures to protect our customers and staff, including through a full investigation into this matter,” the spokesperson said.

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