The first-ever movie review of The Interview is now available, and it offers up a lot of information about the film.

The movie, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, was released on August 6 and was an unexpected hit.

It was nominated for an Oscar for best picture and has grossed more than $7 million worldwide.

However, the movie has been a hot topic on Twitter and the internet, and the reviews have sparked a bit of a debate about how the movie is meant to be received.

We spoke to the people who made it.1.

What is the premise of the movie?

The story of The Americans is a CIA operative, Stan, who was sent to kill the head of the Russian military intelligence (GRU) with an EMP bomb.

He infiltrates a conference room in the US embassy, where the Russians are trying to talk to General Flynn.

Stan tries to convince the Russians that Flynn is in on a conspiracy against them, but Flynn does not believe him.

The Russians are convinced, and they decide to assassinate Flynn.

What was the plan?

This is a big secret, and we wanted to make sure that we understood what we were dealing with, so we were trying to make a movie that was very specific to that specific plot.

What kind of technical problems did you face?

In terms of the technology, we had to do some research, which was a big challenge.

We had to go back to some old Soviet-era TV sets and find the exact time of the first scene.2.

What are the characters?

We wanted to get as close to the story as possible, so Stan is very much a CIA agent, but he also has a deep love for his wife, Nina, who is played by Scarlett Johansson.

Nina has a very dark past.

She’s a heroin addict, and she’s been arrested for murder, and has been framed by her parents for murder.

Stan, a CIA officer who was trained as an electrician, is the one who finds her and convinces her to talk.3.

What does this mean for the plot?

The plot of the film is very focused on a small group of people in a conference building, and that’s the main focus.

We wanted the audience to feel as if they were in the room.

We want them to feel like they are in a room with this group of friends, and I think that’s what we achieved with the setting.

But it’s not the only element of the plot.

The film is set in the Soviet Union, so there are some interesting parallels between what’s going on in the United States and Russia.4.

What did you do to avoid spoilers?

I don’t know if the audience was aware of that before they saw the film, but there’s a whole section in the movie that is really specific to the CIA’s investigation of the GRU.

The CIA, as we’ve said, has a history of killing people, and there’s this specific chapter in their history that they go into in the book that’s very specific about that.

So there’s very little information about what’s happening in the meeting, but it’s important to make the audience aware of what’s been going on and how important it is to keep them informed.5.

How many people do you think will watch the film?

It’s estimated that there will be around 40 million people who have seen the film so far, and if you were a fan of the show, it would be the most popular movie on the planet.

What do you want people to know?

That’s the thing about movies, and this is just an example of how much people love movies.

We hope that people like this will enjoy it as much as we do.6.

Is there a scene in the film that could be a spoiler?


There’s one scene in which Stan has to go to Russia to confront General Flynn and convince him that his boss, General Nikolai Shchytsak, is responsible for the death of General Flynn’s daughter, Elena, and is planning to kill her.

Stan has a meeting with a KGB agent who wants to talk with him.

What were you looking for in that scene?

The KGB agent asks Stan if he can talk to him.

Stan says he’s sorry.

Stan goes to Moscow and meets with General Shchyting, who tells Stan that Shchyt is trying to get him killed.

Stan asks him why, and he says that the Russian security service has an order to kill all Russians who are close to General Shchchytsk.

Stan tells Shchytz that he doesn’t have to talk, and Shchytytsk tells Stan to shut up and go to Moscow.

Stan walks out of the meeting and says goodbye.7.

Are there any spoilers in the story?

There are some things that you’ll find out.

There is a scene where Stan and Nina meet up with some people who are in the Russian government and they have a meeting.