The Hollywood film industry is in turmoil following the release of the latest James Bond movie Spectre.

In the wake of the film’s disappointing box office, many have criticised Hollywood for not embracing the digital revolution.

Here are some of the films to watch this month that may surprise you:THE BIG BANG THEORY: On Wednesday, the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory returned to Fox.

It stars Jason Bateman as genius genius Sheldon Cooper, and Melissa Rauch as the newly-weds Sheldon and Penny, and Jason Sudeikis as his assistant Professor Hawking.

It will be shown on Wednesday nights.THE MACHINE, THE MACHINER: The latest film by American director Joe Wright will be released on Thursday night.

The film follows a man who must use his mind to figure out how to build a machine that can create a new life for himself.

The film is based on a novel by Neil Gaiman, and will be filmed in New Zealand.

THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.: Writer-director Joe Dante returns to the series with a remake of the 1970s TV series that starred Michael Douglas as Dr. Henry Jekyll, and John Hurt as Dr., Jr. The new film will be based on the original novel by Stephen King.

It is scheduled for release on February 9.THE SAME NAME, THE SAME VOICE: This film follows the lives of two people whose identities are completely different, but who are able to communicate by singing.

In a nod to its title, this film is set in a fictional city called Los Angeles, where two individuals who speak different languages have a love affair and are eventually discovered to be related.

THE CAST: A new movie by actor Michael Fassbender is scheduled to be released in the UK on Thursday.

The cast includes Idris Elba, Jennifer Lawrence, and Michael Fattie.

The movie is due to be filmed at Universal Studios Hollywood.