Warrick is known to have been a bit of a controversial figure at cinemas.

But the 38-year-old has revealed he will not only not be deterred by threats of violence, but he will be open about his views on gay marriage.

“I will stand up for equality, I will be bold and I will tell the truth,” he said.

Warrick’s comments come as a report from a leading LGBT rights organisation claims that there are “far too many” cinemas in the country which do not allow same-sex couples to watch films.

One cinema in New South Wales has just one seat available for same-gender couples, while in Queensland, only four are available.

In Victoria, the state where Warrick resides, only three of the state’s 24 cinemas allow gay couples to view films.

“In a state where equality is the most important issue facing our nation, there is a significant lack of equality,” Warrick said.

“I will be outspoken, I am not afraid to speak my mind, I’m not afraid of anyone, including my family, and I’m open about it.”

The Warrick family, who are also in the spotlight with the release of their documentary ‘Worth It’ on Monday, have been outspoken on the issue of same-gendered discrimination.

Warrick said he believes his stance on marriage equality has been a cause of “great pride” in his family.

“I think it’s a cause that is much more important to me, I have a much stronger sense of pride than to be bullied or attacked because of who I am,” he told News24.

And despite being known as a controversial and controversial figure in the industry, Warrick was recently honoured for his work with his film “Worth it”.

“He did so much for the gay community,” he added.

“The fact he is now a family man, a man who cares about the community he works with and the way he works as a director, it is a huge honour.”

The film follows the lives of two brothers who are gay and raise their three children in an open, tolerant and accepting environment.

Watch Warrick’s interview with News24 below: