The government has announced plans to expand a new film theatre in Auckland, the capital of New Zealand.

New Zealand Cinema will be a new cinema on the ground floor of the National Cinema, with an estimated opening date of April 2019.

The cinema will be part of the new National Cinema complex in Auckland.

It will feature a new screen and a cinema seat, the company confirmed in a statement.

The New Zealand Film Corporation is responsible for operating the cinema.

The National Cinema will include the National Theatre, the National Theater of New York, the New York City Public Library and the National Opera House.

The new cinema is part of an effort to increase the number of independent films in New Zealand, and is part, according to the National Film and Television Board, of the film-making strategy.

The New Zealand Cinema is a major step towards achieving this goal, said NZFC CEO David Smitty.

The expansion is a key step in the ongoing New Zealand film industry development.

It also is a significant expansion in our ability to serve audiences in a way that is affordable to our local communities, said Smitty, who joined the company in March.

The NZFC also said the new cinema will include a wide range of seating options.

The NZFC is offering an extended theatre in the lobby of the building to cater to audiences who want to sit in a small theatre, or a large cinema to take advantage of the large screen.