Scotia, a small town in central Missouri, has become a popular destination for moviegoers looking to enjoy some of the big screen.

The Scotias River Cinema, opening June 16, will feature a full bar and a restaurant.

It’s being run by the River Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Its goal is to provide entertainment for patrons who might not otherwise be able to get into the theater due to other events.

Scotia has been in the news recently because of the deaths of two men.

They were both involved in a crash and the crash killed three people.

The deaths have sparked protests in the community.

The city council voted in June to close the Scotiac River Cinema after the deaths.

It is currently being used as a staging area for other events that include a wedding and other ceremonies.

The theater has been open for about three years.

The first movie was released there in January.

The other two films have been released there.

The new Scotiamar Cinema is being operated by the Scota Chamber of Industry.

The group has not announced a date for its grand opening.

The Scotics have had a movie theatre for about 10 years, but the owners say they don’t plan to reopen the Scotsaw Cinema anytime soon.© 2018 Cox Media Group.