A new wave is on the horizon for theatres in the Greater Toronto Area.

From a film festival to a new film festival, here are some of the big changes coming to the landscape in the coming year.

The Toronto Film Festival will move from its downtown location to a larger venue, the Theatre Royal.

The TIFF will now be a multi-venue venue, featuring films from all over the world and more than 25 international and Canadian filmmakers.

The first major film festival in the GTA will open in late 2019.

The Toronto Film Forum is scheduled to open its first screening of new work in 2019.

There will also be a new “Canadian film festival” called The Toronto International Film Festival.

The new TIFF is scheduled for 2019.

It will feature more than 40 films from around the world.

The festival will feature new films from both Canadian and international filmmakers.

The Festival of Canadian Artists will host its first annual Toronto International Festival of Dance and Theatre in 2019, a festival of dance and theatre featuring over 50 local artists.

The International Film Market in the downtown core will be relocated to the new Toronto International Cinematheque, a two-screen theatre with over 60 international and national films.

The international market will feature some of Toronto’s best films from the past decade.

The 2019 Festival of Independent Cinema will be hosted by the Toronto International Institute of the Arts, a non-profit organization that has been running events since 1987.

The film festival will include more than 50 local films and more films from Ontario, including the Toronto Film Fund.

The 2018 International Film Summit, hosted by Ontario’s film regulator, will take place in Toronto from October 7 to 14.

The Summit will feature films from 40 countries and will be screened in theaters across Canada.

Toronto’s downtown will be home to a series of festivals and events including the 2018 Toronto Film Fest, a film fest and festival for theatre, theatre arts and theatre community.

The 2019 Festival de l’Indépendance, a music and dance festival, is planned for the city.

There are also new venues opening for independent film festivals across the GTA.

The first festival of its kind is planned to take place at the University of Toronto, which will be a film and film festival with a focus on international films and Canadian independent film.

Toronto is now home to five film festivals: the International Film Festivals, the International Festival Film Festival, the Toronto Independent Film Festival and the Toronto Indie Film Festival which is run by the city’s largest non-profits, the Centre for the Arts and the Film Centre.

The Film Festival of Ontario is a festival that will showcase a new generation of Canadian filmmakers and their work.

The fest will feature the works of over a dozen international and local filmmakers.

In 2019, Toronto will host a film film festival that includes films from more than 30 countries and more Canadian films than ever before.

There is also a new cinema to be added to the Toronto skyline in the shape of the new TELUS Centre.

This new theatre will be located in the heart of the city near the waterfront.

It is expected to open in 2019 and will house three screens and a small cinema.

This new TECA will open its doors to the public in 2019 with films from 50 international and international film directors.

The facility will feature a small screen, a small theatre and a new TESLA theatre that will be dedicated to local filmmakers and arts.

The Theatre Royal will open as the new film venue for the 2018 Festival de la Média and will feature two screens and an auditorium.

The Centre for Theatre Arts is being upgraded and will hold events in 2018 including a screening of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and a performance of The Ring.

Toronto will be the first major Canadian city to host the International Screening of The Life and Times of Jean-Pierre Brice, a documentary about the life of Brice himself.

The screening is scheduled from April 7 to 15 and will take in over 100 films from countries around the globe.

The Festival of Indie Cinema is planned from October 15 to 21 and will host several screenings, including two from Canadian and American independent film directors and three international film festivals.

The next Toronto International Cinema Festival will be held in 2019 at the newly-opened National Film Centre in Mississauga.

This festival will showcase more than 150 films from over 60 countries.

The festival will be run by local non-governmental organizations, including The Ontario Centre for Film and Literature, the Ontario Film and Television Fund, the Canada Foundation for Film, TV and Film-Television, and the Ontario Independent Film Foundation.

The new festival will focus on new Canadian film and new Canadian independent films.

The upcoming International Film Workshop at the Centre of the Americas in Mexico City will feature over 50 international filmmakers and artists.

This film workshop will focus mainly on international and emerging filmmakers and features films from Latin America, Asia, Europe and the United States.

The 2017 Toronto International Documentary Film Festival is scheduled in 2019 to be held at the TELOS Centre in downtown Toronto.