The term “premier” comes from the word “premiere,” which means “one who stands above the rest.”

It also describes a film that was released in theatres and then shown in homes and other places.

“Premier” also means “a film that stands above,” and in the case of the genre films that you see here, “stands above” is often used to mean “outstandingly well-produced.”

That’s why you see the word used in the title of this article: “Premiere Cinema 4.”

The films that are released on a regular basis are often regarded as “premiers,” because they’re the ones that have the most buzz, and it’s the movies that are viewed by the widest audience, which means the films with the highest ratings.

It’s also why the word can also refer to films that have been out for years and are now finally being made.

But there’s more to the term than meets the eye, and if you think about it, the term “Premiers” is more descriptive than “premieres,” since “premise” means “previously released” and “premia” means a short film that is only released for a limited number of days.

So, the word really only means “the films that were out before the release date” in a very specific sense.

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