The first few months after The Firestorm hit theaters in 2013, the film’s box office numbers were stunning.

Its production values, cinematography, and pacing all made it the perfect summer film for a summer movie crowd.

But as the year went on, the movie’s star, John Travolta, started to slip, and in 2017, the Firestorm remake, starring James Franco and John Cusack, dropped from the top of the box office to second place.

That was a rough time for The Firestorms director, who had recently passed on the project to director Marc Forster, a producer with the acclaimed indie thriller We’re The Millers, and was also leaving his day job as director of production on the film to work on the reboot.

Now, however, for the first time in years, a movie with Franco as its star has managed to take the top spot in the box-office rankings.

And while that might seem like a miracle to many people, the numbers are actually pretty amazing.

A week ago, The FireStorm was the fifth most-watched film of all time on Netflix, and the second-most-wanted film of the year.

The film is now sitting at number five in the Netflix Original Movies chart, with a cumulative $4.6 million in ticket sales.

That is pretty good for a film that has already grossed $25 million at the box offices.

(We’re The Miller’s Millers had a similar first week on Netflix in 2016.)

The film has also become a favorite among many in the film community, who have watched it since it first premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.

While it may seem like this film is being left behind, there is a silver lining to the film, and that silver lining is that it seems to have caught on.

According to Netflix, The Miller was the fourth most-anticipated film of 2017 and was the most-viewed film of any film in 2017.

Netflix also said that The Miller has become the most requested movie of any movie of the last 10 years, with 8.3 million subscribers requesting the film.

Netflix said that more than 2.6 billion people have watched the film so far, making it the second most-streamed film ever.

The Miller also came in second on Netflix’s Top 100 Most-Viewed Movies of All Time chart, behind only the most popular film of 2016, Frozen.

That film had a combined audience of over 1.4 billion people.

The movie was also the most talked about film of a recent year, with fans speculating on where the movie will end up on Netflix.

Netflix is hoping that the movie can continue to become a cult classic, so it will release more of the film and expand its streaming service.

Netflix will also release an expanded edition of the movie, called The Millers Mill, that will include the original soundtrack, bonus features, and more.

Netflix’s most recent film, The Birth of a Nation, also had an expanded version, and Netflix recently released the first trailer for that film.

The second trailer, which has been viewed over one billion times, was released to great fanfare in September, and it will be the first installment in a new series, The Making of a Legend, which will be released in December.

Netflix hopes that The Birth and The Making a Legend will help build buzz for The Miller and help drive a broader audience to the streaming service, and if it succeeds, it could be a very big deal.

It will be interesting to see how many people actually watch the movie and how many will be interested in it.

That will depend on how the film holds up over time.

With the first film, there were a lot of buzz around the film at the time.

But with the second film, the buzz is more muted.

Netflix has been teasing the movie since May, and they said in a press release that they were working on it.

“The Millers mill is a story of family and love and loss, and we’re honored to be able to present this tale in a way that celebrates the true meaning of the story,” said Netflix President Ted Sarandos.

“We are thrilled to work with the filmmakers to bring this story to the screen.”

This is not the first reboot of a film series that has come to Netflix in the last year, though.

Netflix started streaming The Birth Of A Nation in September and it quickly became one of Netflix’s top-rated shows.

But the film is set to be rebooted after the 2019 season.

In addition to The Miller, Netflix has released two other films in the series, both of which starred James Franco.

The first film is the story of an aspiring filmmaker who falls