The movies and movies that fill Canada’s cinemas are not exactly the most expensive to get into.

But the country’s highest-grossing films are the ones with the most potential to draw in a crowd.

A study by Cineplex Canada, the nation’s largest cinema chain, found that out of the 10 films that make up the top 10 grossing Canadian films, four are rated “mildly to moderately” on the Canadian Classification Board (CCB).

The five movies that are rated as “extreme” are also on the CCA’s list of “top 10 films” and are rated on the same scale.

In fact, one of the top films rated “extreme,” which stars Jake Gyllenhaal, is one of six films the Canadian Film Institute (CFI) has reviewed for the annual list.

“The list of the world’s top 10 films is full of films with a high rating, but only a few of those are rated ‘extreme’ by the Censor Board,” says David Poulin, CFI’s director of communications.

“For example, The Social Network is rated ‘mild’ on the CBB because of its mild violence and violence against women and a scene where it is implied that the movie stars a trans woman.

However, the violence is not depicted in the movie and the scene is not graphic.

The Social Networks violent scenes were a minor plot point, but the violence was not shown.”

The top 10 most-popular Canadian films by Cinémathèque Canadian Cinema Directors Association (CCDA) are as follows: The Social Net, released in 2017, has been rated “Mildly Extreme” for “sexual content and language” and “mature themes.”

In 2018, it was rated “Extremely Mild” and in 2019 it was rerated.

In 2020, it received a PG-13 rating.

“It is no surprise that The Social NETWORK is rated Mature, given its themes of social inclusion and gender equality,” the Cinemagram report said.

In a similar vein, the 2017 horror film The Conjuring was rated M for “mood and themes of fear, suspense, and violence” and R for “violence and drug use.”

In the next year, The Conjure 3 was rated R for a “lack of physical violence and sexual content” and a PG for “numerous graphic sexual content.”

In 2021, The House on Haunted Hill was rated PG-12 for “violent content, suggestive language, and drug usage.”

In 2022, The BFG was rated a “sexual violence film” for the use of a “vivid and disturbing visual depiction of sexual violence and/or the use and threat of violence against people with disabilities.”

In 2023, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor was rated D for “vampirism, gore, and sexual themes.”

And in 2024, the sequel to The Mummies was rated F for “incest, sex, nudity, and profanity.”

In 2025, The Wolf of Wall Street was rated T for “sex, violence, drug use, and violent themes.”

But by 2026, the film was rated P for “pornography, sexual content, drug and alcohol use, violence and language.”

It is the highest rated film ever on the list, according to the Cinephiles’ rankings, but even the low-rated films are not necessarily the safest.

In 2028, The Avengers was rated B for “some violence and some profanity,” and The Conjurings was rated A for “not rated at all.”

But in 2029, the year before The Muppets reboot, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was rated G for “a large number of graphic depictions of sexual and/ or physical violence.”

The list also includes The Revenant, which was rated C for “inappropriate material and sexual material,” but The Revenants PG-11 rating was overturned.

“Some films are rated for violence and others for profanity, but for every ‘Extreme’ rating there is a ‘Mild’ rating,” Poulins says.

“Even though they may not be violent, they might be inappropriate or graphic in some way.”

“A movie like The Mothman Prophecies is rated PG for ‘violence and sexual references’ and for some nudity and sexual imagery,” Poulter says.

The most violent film on the top 20 list, however, is The Last Emperor, which earned a PG+ rating for “language and language that may be considered inappropriate and may offend some viewers.”

It was rated by the same Cinemaegen as the next-most violent movie, which is also rated PG, Poulters says.

So, which films are in the top ten most dangerous to go to in Canada?

The most extreme film is The Moths, which made its way onto the