A lot of movie theaters and cinemas in England and Wales are now using new technology to make online movie viewing a thing of the past.

They’re now offering the ability to download films onto a smartphone and watch them on a TV or monitor, which is essentially the same thing as having the option to watch movies on the big screen.

The concept was first announced by Fairchild Cinemas last month, with the UK’s largest chain saying it was “just the beginning”.

The idea is to cut down on the amount of film that needs to be bought in order to keep the films current and up-to-date, and in doing so, reduce the number of films being watched online.

The company said that if you have an iPhone and you can watch movies from your iPhone, that’s all you need.

The service works by connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing the smartphone to connect to a movie theatre’s servers and allow the cinema to stream the films from there.

The movies can then be watched on your television, which can then download the movies onto a local hard drive.

The movies are then watched over the Wi-fi connection, and then you can view them on your smart TV or the iPhone, if you prefer.

There are also some downsides, such as a delay before you can see the movie.

Other features of the service include the ability for customers to watch unlimited movies from the app, and to watch any movie at any time.

While the app is free to download, it’s a limited time offer, meaning you’ll have to be signed up for a free trial to use it.

You can sign up for the service at fairchild.com/watchnow.