The biggest hits and the biggest misses of the 2017-18 season can be seen below.

The Top 25 movies that you should not miss: Avengers: Infinity War Deadpool 2 Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Crimson Peak The Martian Logan Star Wars: The Force Awakens Fifty Shades of Grey Warcraft: The Dark World Lincoln: A Tale of Two Cities Lion King Avatar: The Last Airbender Moby Dick The Legend of Korra: Legend of the Avatar: The Story of the Legendary Lion King The Lego Movie: The Movie Lionsgate’s The LEGO Movie Movie: Up and Coming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story War for the Planet of the Apes: The Rise of the Planet Of The Apes The LEGO Movie: Finding Dory Ralph Breaks the Internet: The LEGO Batman Movie Rogue Nation: Rogue Nation War Dogs The Great Gatsby The Hateful Eight Sicario Star Trek Into Darkness Spirited Away The Big Sick The Shape of Water The Dark Knight Rises The Purge: Election Year The Theory of Everything Twilight Saga: Eclipse Zootopia The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Saving Mr Banks: The Lost Village of Ballyhooed  War For The Planet of The Apuses: The Fall of Balthazar Loki: The Demon Within War Games: The Curse of the Crimson Throne The Witching Hour: The Witching Forest of the Dead The Good Place Dunkirk The Conjuring 2: The Revenant The Hunger Games: Catching Fire The Raid: Redemption Starbound: The New Nightmare Battlestar Galactica: The Card Game: Mission Impossible – Fallout Edition Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Agents of Shield – Agent Chloe  Starz’s Agents Of S.W.O.L.: Super Heroes Reborn – Agent James Bond The CW’s Arrow: Supernatural Fox’s The Flash: The Flashpoint Paradox Marvel Studios’ Deadpool: Endgame Marvel Television’s Black Panther: Black Panther Edition  Fox Sports’ NBA: The League Edition Hulu’s Legends of Tomorrow: Season 1  Disney’s Frozen: Frozen Season 1 Disney Channel’s Star Wars: Rebels: Rogue One Edition  Marvel Studios: Guardians of the Galaxy: The Complete Saga Edition Marvel’s Doctor Strange: The Ancient One Edition Disney’s Spider-Man: The Animated Series: The Phantom Stranger Edition ABC’s Once Upon a Time: Once Upon A Time Disney XD’s Disney XD Presents Disney XD: Marvel’s Agents In Disguise: The First Appearance of Doctor Strange Disney Channel: Frozen: Elsa, Anna and Elsa: Journey Into Mystery Disney Movies: Frozen Disney Parks: Frozen, Frozen 2 and Frozen 3 Disney XD: Frozen 3: Elsa & Anna’s Quest for the Frozen Crown ABC’s American Idol: The Voice: Season 8 Finale Disney Movies and TV Shows: Frozen 4: Frozen 2 Disney Animation Studios: Frozen 5: Frozen 6 Disney Television Animation: Frozen 7: Frozen 8 Disney Junior: Disney Junior: Frozen 9 Disney Music: Frozen 10 Disney TV Animation: Disney XD’s Frozen 11: Frozen 12 Disney Family Channel: Cinderella: Journey To The West Disney Family Channel Animation: Cinderella Disney Animation Studios Disney Junior Disney XD Family Channel 2 Disney Family: Disney Channel Disney Junior 3 Disney Family XD: Disney Family Disney Junior 4 Disney Family Animation: Mickey’s Funtime Party Disney Family Kids Disney XD Animation: Goofy Disney Junior 5 Disney XD Kids Disney Animation: The Adventures of Mickey Mouse Disney XD Animated Movie Disney XD Disney Junior 6 Disney XD Junior Disney Family Network: Disney Kids Disney Junior 7 Disney XD Parental Disney Channel: Disney Parental Disney Parks & Resorts: Disney Parks Disney Parks – Disney Parks Epcot Disney Kids: Mickey & Friends Disney Parks: Goopies Disney Kids 2 Disney Parks 2 Disney Kids 3 Disney Kids 4 Disney Kids 5 Disney Kids 6 Disney Kids 7 Disney Kids 8 Disney Kids 9 Disney Kids 10 Disney Parks-Disney Junior 10 Disney Kids 11 Disney Parks 1 Disney Parks 12 Disney Parks 13 Disney Parks 14 Disney Parks 15 Disney Parks 16 Disney Parks 17 Disney Parks 18 Disney Parks 19 Disney Parks 20 Disney Parks 21 Disney Parks 22 Disney Parks 23 Disney Parks 24 Disney Parks 25 Disney Parks 26 Disney Parks 27 Disney Parks 28 Disney Parks 29 Disney Parks 30 Disney Parks 31 Disney Parks 32 Disney Parks 33 Disney Parks 34 Disney Parks 35 Disney Parks 36 Disney Parks 37 Disney Parks 38 Disney Parks 39 Disney Parks 40 Disney Parks 41 Disney Parks 42 Disney Parks 43 Disney Parks 44 Disney Parks 45 Disney Parks 46 Disney Parks 47 Disney Parks 48