Starlight Cinemas, one of the premier film theaters in the US, is shutting down.

The iconic chain has decided to close its doors after nearly four decades in the country. 

The chain opened its doors in 1955 in San Francisco.

The chain’s namesake is a reference to the movie star of the same name, who starred in the 1959 film “The Graduate.”

The chain closed its doors on Saturday, Dec. 18.

The closure is expected to be permanent.

The company announced the closure in a statement on Twitter, saying the “continued decline of attendance and revenue in our core markets has put us on notice that we have no longer been able to meet the needs of our loyal and loyal customer base.” 

The closure of Starlight Cineplex comes as the city of San Francisco is struggling to fight an opioid crisis that has taken a huge toll on its city.

San Francisco’s Department of Public Health announced that opioid overdose deaths have nearly quadrupled since 2016. 

A spokesman for Starlight said that Starlight is currently evaluating its business plans in order to preserve its long-term business model.

The spokesperson said the chain will remain open for future screenings in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Chicago. 

Starlight Cinemases closed in 2018, but it reopened in 2020. 

Cinema Star, another iconic chain in the U.S., is closing in a similar fashion.

The Cinemas Star, a chain of cinemas and specialty restaurants in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, announced it was shutting down its doors to its full complement of cinematographers in 2019. 

Movies are a huge part of CinemasStar’s revenue.

The Cinema Star chain serves more than 200 locations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Las Vegas. 

“Starlight Cinema has been a part of our family for more than 40 years and we are truly sorry to see it go,” Cinemas star Paul Feig said in a release. 

As of Tuesday, Cinema Star was still accepting applications for cinematographer positions, according to the company.